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Mitchell Lane has been cubing since late 2009 and has been officially competing since the summer of 2010. He is best known for his youtube channel, the US national master magic champion for life, and his 3x3 single. His favorite event is 4x4, while his least favorite events are the BLD events. He is also an organizer for the Bay Area Speedcubin' Group which holds competitions in the Bay Area.
Jules Manalang, most commonly known as Waffo, has been cubing since late 2006 and started competing in 2008.He is most known for being one of the first adopters of the Roux Method, his tutorials on Roux and being a living Waffle on his free time. He enjoys long walks on the beach while covered in 100% Canadian Maple Syrup. Waffo's favorite event is Lunch and after party and lives mainly on coffee.
Brandon "Ranzha" Harnish has been cubing since late 2008. He is best known for his early endeavours in Skewb solving including developing a skewb speedsolving method, and is a former world record holder for the event. He is a moderator on the Speedsolving Forums and organises competitions with Bay Area Speedcubin'. He prides himself on being friendly and in your neighbourhood.

Our current team would like thank and acknowledge everyone who has been a part of the CubeCast, especially our
former hosts who have worked tirelessly to excite us and provide us with a meaningful experience. The amount of
time and content that was put out by a few people have made what the CubeCast is today. Without the work of our
former hosts, the CubeCast would have been long gone, but the number of loyal fans that they have made help us
continue where the show left off. Therefore, we’d like to extend our thanks and gratitude to the former hosts who
have made the building blocks we’re currently standing on.
Andrew Kang
Thom Barlow
Chris Wall
Austin Reed

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Honorable Mentions
Sarah Strong
Biggest Fangirl, Chief Archivist,
Montage Master
Tyler Kerr
Biggest Fanboy, Chief Inquisitor

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