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Episode 8 - Season Finale
Thursday, 17 December, 2015
Well, it's time for the season finale. We had plenty of fun this season of the Cubecast and there's still lots things we need to do to improve. We've come so far on the whole "no news is good news" but really we know what we're bad at and will work hard for next season so be super amazing.

Have a listen to this seasons final episode here!

Speaking of next season, the Cubecast is hiring for the next season! We're looking for people with expertise at web development, public relations, news reporting, music creation and more! Details can be found at this LINK

We look forward to meeting everyone who'll apply and hope to have you on board to create another exciting season of the Cubecast Podcast! Stay tuned for the next season.

And until then, thanks for the support and once again, thank you for tuning in!
Waffo, Ranzha, Mitch

Episode 7 with Keaton Ellis and Drew Brads
Tuesday, 20 October, 2015
Oh, geeze. It’s been a while hasn’t it? Well we haven’t forgotten about the cast and are working hard to make it better. As some of you might know we had some scheduling issues with Anthony and opted to just skip that and move onto the next episode. We kind of lost our momentum and spiraled slowly into delays after delay. But we didn’t forget about it! So here it is, please visit the episode tab for the latest episode with Drew Brads and Keaton Ellis.

Thanks for your patience and thanks for listening
Waffo, Ranzha, Mitch

Episode 6 with JRCuber Released
Thursday, 16 July, 2015
New episode has been released! This time it's with YouTube Cubing personality JRCuber! Have a listen to the episode!

We've delayed the Anthony Brooks episode since he's busy with both World and US Nationals. But we hope to catch up to Anthony during nationals so keep your eye for that episode soon to come.

We've had lots of Tagline entries but keep them coming! You have until July 15th to submit your taglines to us for a chance to win $15 from our friends at! We'll have them all updated on the website by the end of the month so keep them coming!

As always, all questions comments and suggestions should go to our email as always. Or Comment on our Facebook Page as well.

Thanks for Listening
Waffo, Ranzha and Mitch

Episode 5.25 with Antoine Cantin and Collin Burns Released!
Monday, 15 June, 2015
Well once again we’re back with another exciting episode. Well, more like just a ton of fun with this unedited episode. Featuring an earthquake, unnecessary skewb recontructions, and not one BUT two stray Australians making into the show. Give us a listen on the episodes page!

We’ve also introduced a giveaway to our wonderful sponsor with a Tagline Raffle! Basically, email us a tagline and you’ll be entered in a raffle for $15 to We’ll respond to you when your name is entered in the raffle. One entry per listener but feel free to submit as many taglines as you want. Regardless if you win the prize or not, if we like it enough we’ll feature it on the show and on the website so send us those entries to our email

The next guest is Anthony Brooks, the first professional speedcuber, featured in a Volkswagen commercial as well as being the speedcuber in residence at Liberty Science center where the Beyond the Cube exhibit was on display as well being the venue for US Nationals 2014. So send us your questions for Anthony to our facebook page and to our email

Thanks for Listening
Waffo, Ranzha, and Mitch

Episode 5 with Pedro Santos Guimarães Released!
Sunday, 07 June, 2015
After the long hiatus from making episodes the CubeCast has got some very exciting guests lined up. Please check out our episode with Pedro under episodes! There was no puzzler for this week but we hope to have them in episodes to come.

As always the CubeCast relies heavily on listener submission questions, and the past couple of episodes have been lacking, so even if your questions are extremely wacky or strange we would appreciate seeing them in our inbox at

We’re doing a listener tagline raffle, if you would like to be entered into the chance of winning a $5 gift code to all you have to do is just send us an email with your purposed listener taglines. Limit 1 entry per person, so give us the best tagline you can. All approved taglines will end up on the website and if we like it enough, we’ll feature it on the show, regardless if you win the prize or not. (Email or message the Facebook page if you have any question about this)

Stay tuned for your next episode (which we have already recorded and hope to have out soon) with Collin Burns and Antoine Cantin and keep a lookout for our next guest announcement on our Facebook page!

Make sure to send us your feedback, suggestions and questions to our email!

Thanks for listening!

Ranzha, Waffo, and Mitch

Episode 4 with Jayden McNeill Released!
Wednesday, 15 April, 2015
Alright! It’s that time of the (insert time span) again. A bit of a delay as always but you guys should be expecting that by now. Anyways, go ahead and check out the Jay McNeill episode under episodes! Before you have a listen,  please note that we didn't do a puzzler this week. Just a heads up.

We noticed that we pretty much get so many responses from the Facebook page. So in addition to the Cubecast email, feel free to send us anything on the Facebook page as well!

Our next guest is the WCA Board member, one of the fastest cubers in South America, and overall pretty cool guy, Pedro Santos Guimarães. So, if you have questions for Pedro about anything drop us an email or message, comment, whatever on Facebook.

Make sure to send us your feedback, suggestions and questions to our email!

Thanks for listening!

Ranzha, Waffo, and Mitch

Episode 3 with Kit Clement Released!
Sunday, 15 March, 2015

Sorry about the delay but hey, we’re the CubeCast, notorious for being infrequently consistent, and frequently inconsistent. Anyways, we’re proud to announce probably our latest episode with Kit Clement! Please check it out in the episodes page!

Also under Season 3 is a montage compiled by the ever lovely montage master herself, Sarah Strong. Many thanks to her!

As for reminder, please send in all feedback, questions, taglines etc to our email. We also have a puzzler so send in all submissions us as well for a chance to win $5 to

Our next guest is Jayden McNeill, holder of both Skewb WRs, CRs for 2x2, Pyraminx, and Square-1 averages and one of the fastest solvers in Australia overall! Please stay tuned for that!
Thanks for listening,

Ranzha, Waffo, and Mitch

Episode 2 with Noah Arthurs Released
Tuesday, 17 February, 2015
Thanks everyone for patience. We had a delay because we had to record this episode this again due to technical difficulty.  But we’ve learned a lot from that and we’ll make sure that doesn’t happen again. Anyways, we proud to release episode 2 of the CubeCast with our guest Noah Arthurs! See the episodes page! We had plenty of fun with this episode so have a listen and send us some feedback at

Our next guest will be WCA delegate, keeper of the regulations, the fairest of them all, Kit Clement! So please send those questions in to us!

We got plenty of listener taglines but let’s keep them safe for work. So please send in those listener taglines and we’ll feature them on the site and if they’re really good even say them on the show.

Thanks For Listening
Waffo, Ranzha, Mitch

Episode 1 Release - Collin Burns
Friday, 16 January, 2015
We proudly release our latest episode with Collin Burns. Please check it out in the episodes page!

New to the show is LISTENER TAGLINES! If you haven’t noticed, our taglines under our logo changes every time the page is loaded. That’s where listener taglines come in. We want you, our loyal listeners, to send us Taglines through .  If it makes us laugh we’ll put on the site, and if we like it enough, we’ll even say it on air!

In other news, we have gotten some outside help in term of RSS and iTunes, despite this, we have little to no ETA on when we’ll get RSS set up. But we have someone on board so rest easy knowing we’re working on that for you!

Lastly we’re proud to announce that we’ve partnered up with to bring you a better listener experience. Thanks to, we’re able to finally give out prizes to all our loyal listeners and in the future promocodes and apparel. In the meantime, we’d like to just say thanks to for helping us out!

Getting ready for Episode 1
Friday, 09 January, 2015
We’re getting ready for the next episode! Here at the CubeCast, we want you, the listener, to participate as much as possible with us. It’s with your help that the CubeCast can continue to stay interesting. We welcome all suggestions and comments and questions for us, the hosts! It helps us improve for the better. So please don’t hesitate to send us some feedback at!

On another note we are going to be recording with Collin Burns this weekend, January 11th. For those who don’t know, Collin is the current 3x3 NAR holder and the 2014 US National Champion. If you have any questions you’d like discussed on the show with Collin please send those in us at the same email as above.

We want to try a lot of new things, which we’ll be revealing as the show continues over time, but for the time being we’d like to bring back old CubeCast sections of the show. Namely quickfire questions. Quickfire questions are short answer back to back questions about anything. Think of it as a way to get to know the Guests and the Hosts Better. We’d prefer if you tell us which quickfire question is for which person on the show in your email. Also we’d really appreciate if you place “quickfire” in the subject line of the email so our filters can pick them up much easier. So send those quickfire questions in!

Other than that, we’re working on site maintenance, getting an RSS feed set up for the episodes. The latter will also help us getting our show on iTunes. We have real lives too, so it might take a while unless we get some outside help. We’re not as experienced as the other hosts in this regard, so we apologize in getting stuff finished very, VERY slowly.

TL;DR - Collin is next, ask questions, RSS feed soon.

Happy Cubing!
Waffo, Ranzha, Meechay

The CubeCast 2.0: Launched!
Tuesday, 06 January, 2015
Happy New Year!

With the new year come all kinds of "new"s--new resolutions, new goals, new starts.
And along with this new year comes a new version of the podcast we all know and love, the CubeCast 2.0! With three new hosts, new guests, a new website, and a new and refreshed look on the community, we're proud to launch the CubeCast 2.0 with the release of CubeCast 2.0 Episode 0! Click to listen, and click here to view the show notes.

We're going to try keeping this iteration of the CubeCast similar to the original in that we'll still report on records, current events, and answer the Tyler Kerr's Quickfire Questions. However, we won't necessarily have a guest every episode, we may have recurring guests or correspondants, we may have a different configuration of hosts in consecutive episodes--the CubeCast 2.0 will be tailored to be as consistent as possible while not sacrificing the quality of content being provided and the quality of the format in which the content is being provided.

Soon, we'll be posting all of the CubeCast 2.0 episodes not only on this site, but also on YouTube, so that listening without downloading is possible, and so that you can be instantly notified when new episodes are released. Fun stuff!

We know there are a lot of changes going about, and we sincerely hope that you enjoy the first episode. It is guestless, and is intended to ease us all--hosts and listeners--into a new era of the CubeCast.

Happy cubing,

Waffo, Ranzha, and Meechay

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